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"We have increased revenues by 33%. I will definitely recommend your company to others."

"We struggled...until you joined our team."

"The campaign, which you designed...[has] generated $3.5 million in average collected balances."

"Attendees were unanimous in their praise for the job you did."

"Most importantly our sales revenue has been climbing at a time when we normally see a slowdown."

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20/20 Marketing

a multi-faceted business development company designed to help growth-minded organizations and individuals increase their sales, profitability, productivity, management skills, and customer loyalty!

  Rich Delaney

New Book!

You Can’t Kill All the Men is a business leadership book, aimed at women and men who desire to improve their communication. It is a humorous fable of two people who attend a business conference and encounter business experts, react very realistically to each other in their thoughts, go on conference outings (such as a cocktail reception, golfing, or a rafting experience), and eat delicious foods – whose recipes are included! Its primary target is women in business, but we believe men will also read it – or be given it. Since there are really no new business leadership concepts, this book is aimed at letting people discover for themselves some truths through both characters’ actions and thoughts.

To order your signed copy send $14.95 to Rich Delaney!

  You Can't Kill All The Men


More motivated, productive and energized teams are the result of the 20/20 Training programs. We work with organizations to complete a pre-training assessment. Programs are customized for content, schedule requirements and desired results. Years of experience allows us to assure that your desired results will be achieved.

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20/20 Marketing is one of the premier national firms which provide strategic new business thinking and total business development plans to mid-sized organizations and divisions of major corporations.

The scope of consulting includes:

  • Competitive Analysis
  • Branding
  • Industry Profiling
  • Employee Evaluations
  • Senior Management Vision Alignment

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Rich's unique perspective assures you that your group will achieve lasting results with his high-impact presentations utilizing real-world experiences, humor, and a little bit of magic. Whether it is strengthening your brand, implementing new business strategies, or improving sales results Rich's programs deliver!

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Power Up!

Power Up Your Selling Effectiveness! is the new, definitive resource for more effective sales in every aspect of your life! Written for the first-time sales professional and for the seasoned professonal alike, the conversational tone of this book has something to teach anyone!

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